Attorney Phillip C. Hamilton Speaks to Daily Beast about ‘Doomsday’ Mom’s Competency Claim

Hamilton Clarke, LLP is neither involved with Lori Vallow’s defense nor assisting with the prosecution, but attorney Phillip C. Hamilton did recently speak with the Daily Beast regarding this high-profile murder case.

Vallow, an end-times prepper in Idaho, is accused of murdering her 7-year-old son J.J. Vallow and 17-year-old daughter Tylee Ryan. The case made headlines nationwide when Lori Vallow and her husband and alleged co-defendant Chad Daybell allegedly attempted to justify the killings with doomsday-related religious beliefs, including that the children were possessed by demons.

Recently, Madison County Prosecuting Attorney Rob Wood said he wouldn’t contest Lori Vallow’s competency claim. This means she will undergo a 90-day psychological evaluation before proceedings in the case against her resume.

Both Wood and Lori Vallow’s defense attorney, Mark Means, didn’t respond to the Daily Beast for comment, but attorney Hamilton of our firm spoke generally on the topic.

“You can’t be given a fair trial if you don't understand mentally what’s going on,” he said to the Daily Beast, avoiding commentary on the extent of Vallow’s mental issues.

Attorney Hamilton also pointed out that a defendant’s competency claim may also be useful to the prosecution.

“The prosecution has a lot to prepare for in this case, so sometimes It can buy them a little extra time,” Hamilton said to the Daily Beast. “To the extent that a licensed medical professional found her not competent, the prosecution has an interest in not giving her a chance to appeal if she’s convicted—you want all of the loopholes closed.”

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