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Your civil rights are personal rights that have been granted and guaranteed to you as an individual living in the U.S. These rights are many under both the U.S Constitution and federal and state laws that have been enacted throughout the past decades. They include the right to political freedom, social freedom, and equal treatment. They also include protection from various forms of discrimination, freedom of speech and religion, and more. While guaranteed, they are unfortunately not applied at every level of society, resulting in unfair, discriminatory, and other harmful behavior against individual by others, including, businesses, government officials and agencies, and more.

At Hamilton Clarke, LLP, our legal team of skilled litigators are passionate about defending your civil rights in any matter or incident, ranging from police misconduct to discrimination in the workplace and more. If you believe your civil rights have been violated in any incident, whether at work, at school, by law enforcement, by city or state officials, or in any other scenario, we urge you to take advantage of our 50years of combined legal practice in successfully defending the rights of our clients. Our New York civil rights attorneys routinely appear in both state and federal courts where we can effectively defend your innate civil rights as guaranteed under the law.

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What Are the Different Types of Civil Rights Cases in New York City?

When civil rights have been violated by individuals, government agencies, employers, law enforcement, or any other party, you may have legal recourse. Our firm handles all civil rights cases including but not limited to:

  • Police misconduct, brutality, racial profiling
  • False arrest
  • The use of excessive force
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Employment discrimination
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace and hostile work environments
  • Hate speech and hate crimes
  • Voting interference or suppression
  • Destruction of property based on bias and discrimination
  • Wrongful convictions
  • Wrongful death
  • Misconduct by city, county, or other governmental officials
  • Sexual or other abuse of individuals in jails or prison by law enforcement or prison employees

As a U.S. resident, you have been granted equal opportunity and treatment in all social areas, such as housing, education, employment, social services where eligible, and more. You cannot be discriminated against because of your race, age, gender, disability, religion, or national origin. These rights have been guaranteed under such laws as The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws.

Unfortunately, many in our society are still victims of civil rights violations, such as African-Americans, gays and lesbians, Hispanics, Muslims, and others. An example of this is the “stop and frisk” practice by New York law enforcement that is unjustly used for racial profiling and wrongful arrests. Other examples are wrongful prosecution carried forth against minorities without probable cause as well as racial or gender slurs at work, denial of jobs, promotions, or other benefits based on race, sex, religion, and more.

Why You Need the Legal Team at Hamilton Clarke, LLP

Standing up to government officials, law enforcement, employers, and others can be a daunting proposition in the face of civil rights violations. These violations can encompass many actions and scenarios which our firm has successfully defended in local courts. When facing such violations, you need a strong advocate who understands state and federal law and who cannot be intimidated. Our legal team remains deeply committed to fighting for equal treatment and justice for all individuals residing throughout the boroughs of New York City.

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