Historic Class Action Settlement for Bronx Racial Justice Protestors

Hamilton Clarke attorneys were appointed Class Counsel by a federal judge in New York City as part of a historic settlement in a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of protestors who were arrested in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx on June 4, 2020. The lawsuit and settlement has been featured across national news outlets, with HC Attorneys Joshua Moskovitz and Lance Clarke offering commentary to multiple sources.

Democracy Now: Meet the Bronx Activists Who Won a Historic Settlement for NYPD’s Violent Attack at 2020 BLM Protest

Attorney Joshua Moskovitz discusses NYPD involvement in the situation. 

NBC New York: NYC to Pay George Floyd Protesters Millions in Monster NYPD ‘Kettling' Settlement

"We hope this settlement marks an inflection point for policing in New York City,” Moskovitz said.

Yahoo! News: New York City To Pay Millions To George Floyd Protesters Roughed Up By Police

Attorney Joshua Moskovitz quoted on NYPD actions. 

The Washington Post: NYC to pay millions over police 'kettling' at Floyd protest

Attorney Joshua Moskovitz quoted on NYPD actions.

NBC News: NYC agrees to pay millions to hundreds of George Floyd protesters who were corralled by police

“The settlement, in our view, reflects an acknowledgment by the city that the NYPD’s actions in Mott Haven on June 4 were tragically wrong," Joshua Moskovitz, an attorney for the protesters, said Wednesday.

BuzzFeed News: New York City Said It Will Pay $21,500 Each To Protesters Who Were Kettled And Beaten By Police During Black Lives Matter Demonstrations

Attorney Joshua Moskovitz quoted on NYPD actions.

USA Today: NYC to pay millions in class-action lawsuit involving police 'kettling' of protesters in 2020

Attorney Joshua Moskovitz quoted on NYPD actions.

Courthouse News Service: Record settlement approved for NYC protesters brutalized by police

Los Angeles Times: Protesters ‘kettled’ by NYPD in 2020 will get $21,500 each in a landmark settlement

The Guardian: New York to pay millions to protesters mistreated in 2020 George Floyd protest

Gothamist: City agrees to pay $21.5K each to protesters trapped by NYPD during 2020 protest, per new settlement

Law360: Protesters, NYC Settle For $6.8M Over Bronx Protest Arrests

Daily News: NYC agrees to pay up to $6 million to hundreds of protesters roughed up by the NYPD during George Floyd demonstrations

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