Phillip C. Hamilton, Esq. and Lance A. Clarke, Esq. to Serve on Manhattan DA’s Transition Committee

We are proud to announce that two of our distinguished attorneys, Mr. Phillip C. Hamilton and Mr. Lance A. Clarke, have been added to Alvin Bragg’s transition committee. Alvin Bragg is poised to be Manhattan’s first African American District Attorney. This is a high honor for both Bragg and our firm.

Alvin Bragg is a former federal prosecutor. He beat out seven other Democrat candidates, all of whom fought hard to take DA Cyrus R. Vance Jr.’s position. Vance did not run for reelection this year, meaning Bragg will fill the role without opposition or controversy.

Bragg has pledged to help balance public safety with a fairer prosecutorial outcome. He is overtaking an office that has disproportionately charged black citizens, and Bragg hopes to rectify this.

We are excited to see Mr.’s Hamilton and Clarke fill this prestigious role. Our firm is confident that their inclusion will help make Alvin Bragg’s transition smooth as he takes his new position. Beyond that, we know that Phillip C. Hamilton and Lance A. Clarke will continue to provide skilled criminal defense to New York’s citizens.

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