Damien Brown

Of Counsel

Damien Brown, Esq. stands as a beacon of success and prominence in the realm of trial law within New York City. With an impressive portfolio encompassing well over 100 trials resulting in jury verdicts, his stature as a sought-after trial attorney is undeniable. His courtroom prowess has spanned a diverse array of cases, including Homicides, Drug Conspiracies, and White-Collar offenses. A testament to his exceptional skills, Damien recently achieved a significant triumph—a full dismissal of a homicide charge in Queens County Supreme Court.

Damien's journey to legal excellence began with academic distinction, graduating cum laude from the esteemed Georgetown University School of Law. His professional trajectory took him to the Bronx District Attorney's office, where he undertook the vital role of prosecuting a multitude of misdemeanors and felonies. His responsibilities extended to grand jury indictments and the intricate realm of family court juvenile prosecutions.

Throughout his career, Damien has garnered a reputation that resonates throughout legal circles. Esteemed judges, formidable prosecutors, and fellow defense attorneys regard him as an honorable, dedicated, and fervent advocate for his clients. This reputation is underpinned by his unwavering commitment to the principles of justice, his ethical approach, and his steadfast dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for those he represents.

Beyond his legal achievements, Damien takes great pride in his upbringing, shaped by the guidance of his parents and his formative experiences growing up in the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem, NY. These foundations have contributed not only to his legal acumen but also to his profound understanding of the human stories that intersect with the legal system.

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of trial law, Damien Brown's impact is unequivocal, reflecting his tireless dedication to his clients, his commitment to justice, and his exceptional trial advocacy skills.