Political Consulting in New York

Advising Political Campaigns on the Criminal Justice System

As a firm, the attorneys at Hamilton Clarke, LLP possess in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system. With all of our years in practice, our combined successes, and our institutional relationships, we know what works in the system, what doesn’t, and where the system should strive to be. For those candidates and campaigns - be it local, statewide, or national - who want to better their platform and their ideals on criminal justice, the lawyers at Hamilton Clarke, LLP are here.

Progressive & Reform-Minded Political Advice

Anyone viewing today’s news cycle understands that matters involving the criminal justice system are at the forefront of many Americans' minds. Hamilton Clarke, LLP’s political advice is aimed at helping clients create detailed criminal justice platforms that are progressively substantive, equitable, and reform-minded. We provide our consultation services to those running for local, state, and national offices.

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