Intercultural Litigation Consultants in NYC

Providing Global-Class Services Throughout New York City, and the Nation as a Whole

Every attorney must effectively interact with individuals across various cultures. In litigation, a lack of awareness of cultural differences can result in missed opportunities to conceptualize the best theory for your case, and to strategically execute the case theory at a high level for your client. Indeed, these missed opportunities will often affect success.

Accordingly, if your client, adversary, judge, witness, adversarial witness, or jury pool is of a different cultural background than you, it is your duty to communicate with them in a culturally competent manner. Being perceived as ignorant or uninformed with respect to cultural differences can cause serious damage to your reputation, your law firm’s reputation, and adversely impact your client’s ability to win the case.

At Hamilton Clarke, LLP, we provide a custom-tailored review, analysis, and second-seating services for any stage of litigation involving culturally diverse stakeholders. Whether preparing for depositions, trials, briefing, or the like, the attorneys at Hamilton Clarke, LLP can ensure that your every move — both inside and outside of the courtroom — is a high-level, culturally competent one.