Case Results

  • Acquittal After Jury Trial

    Acquittal after jury trial for client charged with Burglary where the client’s DNA was recovered at the scene.

  • Six-Figure Settlement
    Violation of NY Rent Stabilization Law
    Six-figure settlement obtained for client whose landlord overcharged rent in violation of NY Rent Stabilization Law.
  • Non-Jail Sentence
    International Money Laundering and Smuggling

    Achieved a non-jail sentence for client charged with international money laundering and smuggling.

  • Acquittal After Jury Trial
    Assaulting a Police Officer

    Acquittal after jury trial of client charged with assaulting a police officer where multiple officers testified.

  • Acquittal After Bench Trial
    Sexually Assaulting Undercover NYPD Officer
    Acquittal after bench trial where client charged with sexually assaulting undercover NYPD officer where multiple officers testified at trial.
  • Dismissal of Charges
    Systematic Unemployment Fraud
    Dismissal of criminal charges for client charged with systematic unemployment fraud.