Case Results

  • Negotiated a Favorable Outcome
    20 Kilograms of Heroin and Over $500,000 in Cash
    Negotiated a favorable outcome for client arrested with 20 kilograms of heroin and over $500,000 in cash.
  • No Arrest and No Prosecution
    Active Felony Arrest Warrant

    No arrest and no prosecution of the Chief Executive Officer of Inc. 5000 company with an active felony arrest warrant.

  • Dismissal of Charges
    Dismissal of charges for United States Military Officer charged with Assault.
  • Acquittal After Jury Trial
    Assaulting a Police Officer

    Acquittal after jury trial of client charged with assaulting a police officer where multiple officers testified.

  • Acquittal After Jury Trial
    Attempted Murder

    Acquittal after jury trial for client charged with Attempted Murder where the client was caught on video shooting the complainant in the back.

  • Acquittal After Jury Trial

    Acquittal after jury trial for client charged with Burglary where the client’s DNA was recovered at the scene.