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Whether you are navigating starting a business for the first time or you are an experienced entrepreneur seeking advice on complex business matters, Hamilton Clarke, LLP provides sophisticated yet cost-effective legal advice on everything from entity selection and business formation to business funding and exit events.

  • Emerging Businesses
  • Minority Business Enterprises
  • Formation & Financing Counsel
  • Securities Analysis & Counsel
  • Commercial Documents Drafting
  • Intellectual Property Protection

The Role of a Corporate Law Attorney

The role of a corporate law attorney goes beyond basic company foundation topics. Our attorneys help business clients conduct a variety of legal tasks connected with operating a company. Whether you’re starting a business or managing other objectives, the knowledgeable direction of a seasoned corporate law attorney is important.

At Hamilton Clarke, LLP, our lawyers have helped numerous business enterprises across several industries. Our team is well-rounded, versatile, and accessible. We provide practical advice while vigorously advocating to achieve our client’s objectives and goals. Clients will also benefit from our extensive civil and commercial litigation experience. Our attorneys boast expertise in other related practices areas of Real Estate, Cannabis, E-Discovery, and Commercial Litigation.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Law Attorney

At Hamilton Clarke, LLP, our attorneys are well versed in federal and state laws. Our attorneys work with you to minimize any risks to your business while going above and beyond to ensure your business is in the best position to thrive. You can’t grow your business when you’re embroiled in legal woes, so our team will work hard on your behalf to ensure you are positioned for success.

  • Developing Partnerships: While owning a business, your goal is to grow your enterprise and create conditions that will allow it to thrive. A corporate law attorney can ensure any partnership you create is legally founded and working to meet your long-term goals.
  • Documentation: Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts is an important aspect of business operations. As corporate law attorneys, our firm will ensure all contracts we draft and those we review on your behalf are legally sound.
  • Legal Assistance: Our attorneys provide protection for all business situations that could arise, like liability risk and associated lawsuits.
  • Business Development Assistance: Whether you’re starting a business or acquiring smaller enterprises, our corporate law attorneys can ensure you’re well represented.

Clients We Serve: Put 50 Years of Collective Experience on Your Side

With over 50 years of combined experience serving clients, big and small, the attorneys at Hamilton Clarke, LLP provide clients with a voice when theirs has been quieted. Our firm offers legal representation on a wide range of corporate law matters, and while we are a boutique firm, clients can relax and let our capable legal team leverage our insight to your benefit.

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